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Beauty & Blue! | Nick and Rebeca’s University of Tampa Engagement Portraits

This is what I call starting my week off right!
What can I say about this romantic and fun engagement shoot!  Well let’s see, the blending of old and new, their fun and romantic vibe, their impeccable style, and of course, the enchanting University of Tampa.  I knew I had a recipe for something special.  Even though I will let you in on a secret, I was told that Nick might not smile.  But hey, when you are engaged to such a beauty – happiness is just effortless.
This shoot just turned out to be everything I hoped it would be.  An afternoon full of unforgettable memories and special, tender moments that will give us the inspiration for our second shoot. Yes, we are already planning another location possibly in Georgia?  Maybe a fall or forest theme! Woohoo, I don’t need too much convincing lol. So I hope you will check back!
Since I can write without limit about those I love - and I love these two, I will just limit my writing and let their own words tell their own story.  It’s a tale as…

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