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Alexis Absolutely Amazes! Tampa Portrait Photography, Atlanta Portrait Photographer

OK, sometimes a photo shoot comes along where you look back at it and say, "Oh yes, I am SO glad that I got to do that"! lol.I was so excited and happy that I was able to get together with Alexis over the Labor Day Holiday.
Lexi, as she is affectionately known by all that love her, is a spunky and confident classic beauty, who is so comfortable and at home front of the camera.I must admit it, I loved it, because I felt her personality just came through so organically and without much coaxing or direction from me and mom.Basically, Lexi just does what Lexi does, and we get to stand back and let her do it, and enjoy it, and watch it all unfold in front of my eyes through the viewfinder - how awesome is that.
Lexi's a brown eyed beauty who loves everything girls love at her age; she LOVES her friends, loves a little bit of age appropriate makeup - of course and, she is also a very accomplished gymnast, which of course answers the question of why she moves herself so effor…

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